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Pour Over Coffee Maker - 34 Ounces - Available in 3 Colors

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  • Pour-over Coffee: This manual pour-over coffee maker allows you to brew an excellent cup of coffee in minutes.
  • Stainless Steel: Includes a permanent, stainless steel mesh filter that helps extract your coffee's aromatic oils and subtle flavors instead of being absorbed by a paper filter.
  • Coffee Carafe: Made of durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass with color band detailing that is both functional and elegant.
  • Quick and Easy: Simply add coarse ground coffee to the filter, pour a small amount of water in a circular motion over ground coffee until soaked, and then add the remaining water and let it drip
  • Servings: This coffee maker makes 8-cups of Coffee, 4 oz. each.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
James Guerra
Great, Easy pour over

I have the 34 ounce cork one, and am pretty impressed with it. The looks are obviously familiar to any chemex fan, though this one makes up to a litre of coffee. The metal filter works well, I might try experimenting with a paper one as well, i believe a large v60 filter would fit. The coffee it makes using the metal filter is great, very little sediment with a medium coarse grind. Extraction time seems a bit quick, but maybe thats more my method than anything else. The cork is very attractive, and its a breeze to clean. Im a fan all around. Its not my daily coffee maker, but when im looking to make large quantities, this is an excellent method for that. Cheap, easy to use and makes fantastic product.

Perfect size, easy to clean and sturdy

I have owned two Coffee Gators and both broke, so we elected to try this one. It is so much larger and feels sturdier. I love the fact the filter is not completely metal, which should help prevent future stress on the glass (we suspect that is why the coffee gators both broke eventually). I miss having a handle, but the size of the neck is easy enough to grasp when you pour. I highly recommend this for both the price and the durability.

Ben Tran
Switched to this from a French press!

Former barista here. Whenever I brewed coffee at home, I would use a French press to get the job done. It was tedious in the sense that the cleanup at the end was pretty involved, having to remove and clean all of the different layers of the French press.When I purchased this pour-over coffee-maker, however, it completely changed the game for me. Making coffee no longer takes four minutes to brew, and the cleanup at the end is so simple and can be done immediately within seconds. I now enjoy making coffee at home so much more thanks to this Bodum pour-over coffee-maker.

awesome best buy

I love pour over coffee. I used to frech press but read it was bad for cholesterol so I switched to pour over this is amazing. not too easy to clean the bottom. I just usually let it soak with hot water. hand will not fit through opening. but other than that the coffee pot is great I use it every morning. the filter is easy to clean.

Jason Ehlers
Makes excellent coffee!

Makes excellent coffee! I am new to using the pour over method which does take a bit longer to setup but is certainly worth it. Using an electric kettle and ceramic burr grinder really lets you have the most control over brewing. What I like the most is less cleanup! You can use the included reusable mesh filter or just as others posted 4 cone filters. I prefer the cone filters personally and have produced some very clean cups of coffee. Absolutely no grounds leaking through and freshly ground coffee makes this a winner. The included cover for pouring fits well.