The Essential Factors Of Air Fryers You Should Know Before Buying!!

The Essential Factors Of Air Fryers You Should Know Before Buying!!

Got your payroll? Now, you can buy that best-rated air fryer that you have been saving money for some time now. Yay! Exciting, isn't it? I mean, what's not to love? You get efficient cooking in the shortest of time, with less oil. If that's not a boon, then I don't know what is. However, there's a slight catch! If you are entirely new to the concept of air fryers, you probably need some guidance. No, the operation or functions aren't rocket science; it's just a few tips to keep in mind before buying one. So, let's get started, shall we?

Air fryers ask for a lot of space

Don't panic; not all air fryers are king-sized! It's just some of them are definitely giants, and that's when things can get a bit cramped up. A Bigger-sized air fryer can't be easily positioned on the countertops, which can be a problem when you don't have enough storage in the kitchen. So, what you should do is take a peek at your kitchen and the counter space and then come back here. Go on... I'm waiting! Back already? Great! Do you think you have extra space? If not, then simply install some new table where you put your air fryers or just get yourself a smaller one.

Air fryers can't cook a large meal at a time

If you think it's better than your traditional oven or microwave, you are so wrong, bro! This ain't an oven; this is an air fryer that only fries your snacks. Yeah, they are these giant appliances, but they have such constricted inner space that you can't cook a full course meal. You can only cook one or two servings, and that's it. If you are into cooking meals after meals, you may find it easier cooking using an air fryer because you have to cook in batches with an air fryer. 

You still need to flip the food

Conventional ovens have high temperatures with coils situated both on their upper and lower sides. This isn't the case with an air fryer. The air fryers only have heating elements that allow convectional heating. This only heats up the top of the food and not the underside. To get your food cooked and fried evenly, you need to flip the food as you do in a frying pan. That can be a bit of a hassle for people running out of time.

Air fryers can burn food if you aren't careful

As I have mentioned earlier, it takes much lesser time to cook food compared to ovens. Sometimes a little less time than expected, which can cause your food to get scorched like wooden logs. So, you can't just put your food inside the fryer and leave it to cook itself. That's a little bit of a problem. Because who wants to be there all the time during the air frying is doing its work? That's just too much work. But one benefit that comes out of it is that the cooking takes only 15-20 minutes depending on the category of food you have put inside the air fryer.

Benefits of using air fryers

Air fryers help in weight management

Higher intake of fried food can make you obese; this is something we all know. Air fryers thus take lesser oil to cook than any other cooking appliance. This results in fat and calorie reduction if used the proper amount of oil. If you like eating high food containing heaps of oil, this is the best way to reduce oil consumption by eating. Switching from deep fry to air-fried food can significantly help you cut down fat.

Air fryers reduce the formation of acrylamide

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has reported the connection of acrylamide with cancers like ovarian, pancreatic, breast, etc. Acrylamide is a compound forms when some food is cooked in high heat, for example, deep-frying. And this acrylamide is responsible for causing cancer. So the earlier you stop consuming deep-fried food, you can prevent cancer. But we know we can't resist eating those oily, fatty, yet yummy snacks. Here's a solution for you! Using an air fryer can help to reduce the formation of acrylamide because it takes significantly less oil to cook and mainly cooks food using hot air.

Helps reducing other health problems

Apart from obesity, consuming deep-fried food regularly leads to other diseases and health risks. Gastric problems, indigestion, heartburn, nauseousness, ulcers, stomach pain, constipation, acne, etc., are some of the health issues caused by eating such food regularly. Instead, switch to boiled, less spicy, and air-fried food.

Air fryers have a safer cooking procedure

This has nothing to do with your stomach but everything to do with your hands and upper body. Meaning that when you are cooking or frying the food into a pan full of hot oil, this increases the chance of accidents on a staggering scale. You may end up being at risk of oil spilling, splashing, sizzling, etc. This can be fatal. I have known the consequences because my friend's mom had accidentally spilled a significant portion of oil onto her hand, and that was a pretty nasty burn. Hence, using an air fryer is deemed safe because there's absolutely no such risk of using it. 

Top Air Fryers You Should Check Out

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Imarku Air Fryer

  1. Imarku Air FryerThe rapid hot air circulation technology provides evenly heating. Imarku air fryer can reduce 80% oils and fats during cooking to give you a healthy and hearty meal.
  1. Secura Air Fryer: You can use it daily to fry, roast, bake, reheat, or grill. The air fryer heats up in 3-minutes. This air fryer, like all the others, uses convection technology to heat up and cook food.
  1. MooSoo Air Fryer: The high-powered heating element fastens the speed of frying. You do not have to wait for a long time to taste delicious food any longer. 
  2. Go Wise USA Air Fryer: The digital screen allows you to set the temperature from 170F-400F and cook for 1-30 minutes. The indicator signals you when the food is cooked.
  1. Ignited: The Hot Air technology maintains good heat dissipation. With a temperature range of 180 F to 400F, you can bake, broil, fry, roast, and toast food and veggies.

Final Thoughts

Before buying the best air fryer oven, you should weigh all the factors like the pros & cons, the essential functions, and some tips to help you use it properly. We have provided all the things that need to be considered before buying your first-ever air fryer. Thank us later!

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