Blender Reviews 2021: 3 Best Personal Smoothie Blender to Take On-The-Go

Blender Reviews 2021: 3 Best Personal Smoothie Blender to Take On-The-Go

Personal blenders are a relatively new addition to the health and fitness bandwagon. It shouldn't be mistaken for portable blenders powered by batteries. Personal blenders are smaller and more efficient at mixing a variety of ingredients. 

Do you live in a college dorm, a smaller apartment or just have limited kitchen space? A smaller-sized personal blender will be great for you. It can also be great for people out of this list if you don't like big giant machines cluttering up your kitchen top. 

Personal blenders are intended to make single-serving smoothies and shakes that can be carried on the go in the same jar used to make them.  A personal blender is an essential kitchen tool for making portable, nutrient-dense smoothies ideal for busy families, kids, and even vacation. 

If you're sold on the notion of joining the ever-growing crowd of health-nerds and picking up a portable blender, here are some of the best ones you'll find in the market. 

We'll talk about these in detail in the latter part of the blog post. Let's first see what we did consider (& what you should consider!) to pick up these options from hundreds of products. 

Best Personal Smoothie Blender Buying Guide 

The personal smoothie blenders can whip up a surprising variety of tasty sauces, beverages, dressings, and other concoctions. A good personal blender should be able to smash the ice and other solid components with ease and soft puree items into silky purees. However, you may need something different. Let's see what you should consider before purchasing the best blender to make smoothies.

1. Purpose 

Morning smoothies, baby food, and salad dressings are all easy to make with a personal blender. Consider the items you'll be making with your desired blender. If you need to mix up ice or frozen items, you'll need a strong personal blend. If you just make baby meals or sauces from soft ingredients, a less powerful blender will be enough for you. These are also more affordable. 

2. Size 

People consider buying personal blenders mostly for their compact sizes. One of the most appealing qualities of a personal blender is its compact capacity. Personal blenders take up less storage space, ideal for people with limited cupboard or counter space. However, most personal blenders can make more than one type of meal even though they're marketed as single-serving machines. 

The capacity of a blender is determined by the size of its mixing cup, which typically ranges from 8 to 32 ounces. Some blenders only come with one blending cup, which may also be used as a travel mug. If you have a big family or your personal blender gets many usages, choose a model with several blending cups so no one is left out.

3. Corded or Cordless?

The majority of personal blenders are corded and need a power outlet to operate. They're designed for use in home kitchens and often come with travel cups for taking beverages with you on the road. But there are cordless battery operated blenders which you can carry out with you anywhere. 

Though it seems appealing, charging a cordless blender is not like charging your mobile phone through a power bank. However, they're more convenient but often less powerful than corded blenders. Their too small size is also less helpful for recipes. You decide what you need based on how often you travel out and what's your charging capacity. 

4. Power & Speed 

The wattage of personal blenders may vary from 200 to over 1,000 watts. The more powerful a blender is, the better it will break down ice and other hard components. While increased watts indicates greater power, it shouldn't be the only consideration. The design and substance of the blender's blades might also have an impact on its performance. 

Harder substances, for example, maybe handled by stainless steel blades. For more effective chopping, many blenders contain a large number of blades. Blend speed and a pulse function are other vital aspects to consider. 

5. Blending Options

Blenders with a single-speed or setting are the simplest to operate. For fast meals, they work just well. For chefs who want to experiment with various dishes, blender settings and speed controls provide additional freedom. Some blenders also have pre-programmed options according to recipes. What blending options you'll get will mostly depend on your budget. More budget, more options! 

6. Design 

Travel or sports lids are the most frequent accessories offered with personal blenders. These lids attach to a blending cup and convert it into a travel mug. Extra blending cups and insulated cups, which come in various sizes, are two more items to keep an eye out for. Extra cups are necessary for multi-person homes since you may make personalized smoothies one at a time and carry them with you. 

7. Maintenance & Cleaning

Personal blenders usually are simpler to clean than regular ones. The personal blenders' blending cups are mostly dishwasher safe. It adds to the convenience. The majority of these cups are either plastic or glass, and each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Plastic is lightweight, but it is more difficult to clean since it may stain, scrape, and absorb smells. 

Glass jars are more fragile and might be weighty, but they are less likely to discolour or absorb aromas. Except for cleaning after each use, personal blenders don't need much maintenance. Instead of submerging the blender's base in water, clean it with a moist towel.

Our Best Mini Blender For Smoothies

Out of hundreds of products in the market, we have the three best options for three different ranges of personal blenders. 

Best Budget Portable Smoothie Blender: La Reveuse Travel-Size Smoothies Blender

It may not be the most technologically advanced blender out there, but it'll be enough for any of your smoothie or shake. The La Reveuse Personal Size Smoothies Blender would suffice if all you want from a personal blender is an inexpensive way to prepare smoothies and shakes and kick your Jamba Juice habit for good. 

This little blender isn't designed to shatter ice or prepare meals, but it can pulverize fresh and frozen fruits if the liquid to solid ratio is correct. The sports bottle with travel top fits in ordinary cup holders. It is ideal for transporting a smoothie or protein shake to the gym or anywhere else.

Simply lock the blending cup into position on the base to turn on the blender, and it will begin combining your ingredients automatically. You won't have to worry about the blender burning or melting since it has overheating prevention. Overall, this is the best budget-friendly option out there, according to our research. 

Best Well-Designed Portable Smoothie Blender: REDMOND Countertop Smoothie Blender

This old-style single-serve blender will make a gorgeous addition to your countertop if you want a blender that looks as good as it performs. The Redmond Personal Size Countertop Smoothie Blender has two speeds and serrated blades, allowing you can choose your texture and smoothness.

This blender comes in three colours, is built of BPA-free materials, and is very stylish, small, and long-lasting. It boasts six-strong stainless steel blades that effectively stir and juice fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients. You can easily prepare your favourite smoothies with the push of one button.

Bottle with sport top makes it easy to take outdoors, the gym, or the workplace. This fantastic compact gadget lets you consume tasty and nutritious meals while also assisting you in maintaining a balanced diet and good eating habits.

Best Multi-Purpose Portable Smoothie Blender: Fochea 5-In-1 High-Speed Personal Blender

This is more than just a personal blender. Fochea Single Serve Small Blender for Juice shakes, and Smoothies also comes with a 51-ounce pitcher that converts your blender into a food processor. It's great for chopping fruits and veggies for salsas, sauces, and meal prep. You can even grind meat for burgers and sausages with it.

Fochea Single Serve Small Blender for Juice shakes, and Smoothies - Kitchen Tribe

This blender also comes with a 10-ounce container, which may chop tiny amounts of fresh herbs or vegetables for a single salad serving. Also included is a 20-ounce travel cup for making smoothies on the go.

It includes a 700-watt engine and sharp blades that can cut through fruits, veggies, and ice, as well as suction cup feet to keep it firmly on the counter. Dishwasher-safe detachable pieces make cleaning a breeze, no matter what you've mixed.

Final Thoughts 

A personal mini-blender shouldn't cost you much. These are usually smaller in size and less powerful than full-size blenders. A simple $30-$40 blender like La Reveuse Personal Size Smoothies Blender will be enough to do the basic tasks. 

If you want more advanced options and want to break the ice or hard ingredients, you can choose Fochea Single Serve Small Blender for Smoothies. Even this one will not cost you more than $60-$65. You don't need to spend some $150 for most personal blenders. 

That's it. You know what to look for in a perfect blender. And you also have the best options. Now it's your turn to visit Kitchen Tribe and make the necessary purchases you needed. You'll find all of the options mentioned above in this trusted kitchen items' marketplace. 

Happy Shopping!

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